Grand Strategic Posture in a Context of Competition and CrisesPower Shifts, Influence and Implications for the Future World Order

ISA 62nd Annual Convention ▪ 7-10 April 2021 ▪ Las Vegas, Nevada

Convenor: Dr. Cornelia-Adriana Baciu (Johns Hopkins University, Washington DC)

As new powers, spheres of influence and global players emerge, and old powers are retreating, the study of grand strategic posture and its implications for the future world order becomes sine qua non. This Panel is guided by two axes of research. First, it assesses the dynamics of change in the US grand strategy – what factors (domestic or international – e.g. social, economic, demographic, threats, opportunities) triggered those changes? What role do absolute and relative gains play in the manifestation of grand strategic postures? Moreover, how can we best define the evolution in modern US grand strategy (e.g. preponderance, retreat, off-shore balancing, forward partnership, competitive engagement, buck-passing or other) (Posen 2014; Mearsheimer and Walt 2016; Miller 2018) and what strategic direction can we expect in the future? Second, papers in this Panel seek to investigate the implications of US grand strategic posture for institutional orders and emerging global players – what are the grand strategies of Europe (European countries), China or Russia? How do transformations in US grand strategic posture challenge the international liberal order and how do states and international and regional organizations (e.g. NATO, EU) adapt to new strategic circumstances and crises? These are some of the research questions that papers in this Panel seek to address.     

If you are interested to contribute, please send your abstract (max. 200 words) to by 28 May 2020.

All paradigms, methodological approaches and schools of thought will be considered in equal measure.  

See you in Las Vegas!